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Phi-Anh Nguyen has worked in Publishing for more than 20 years. After experiences with Dorling Kindersley, Gallimard Jeunesse and Hachette, in Rights and Editorial, Phi-Anh became independent in 2008. He created his first applications for the Publishing Industry in 2008: IDB for Foreign Rights, then for Royalty Reports. In 2016 all apps were completely re-written and are now 100% Web Apps.

Our apps are designed with the same goals, being created by Publishing Professionals rather then IT Consultants: they are intuitive, clear, easy-to-understand, but also powerful and complete. They were developed through long-term partnerships with our customers, are adapted for publishers and agents of all sizes, and are reasonably-priced. We use Agile Web Development, in Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

We are based in Descartes, South Touraine, Loire Valley, France.